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Sugar export

The government looks to be seriously considering the demand of sugar millers to be allowed to export ahead of the crushing season. The millers claim that sugarcane crushing cannot begin this year until the stocks from last year have been cleared, and it looks like the government might be mulling the decision to allow one million metric tonnes to be exported to make up space.

However, with the price of this staple item currently hovering around Rs.100 mark, it is unclear why this request is being contemplated upon. We have been down this road before, during the previous government’s tenure, when the decision to allow sugar export led to a shortage in the local market and sent the price of the necessary commodity up by almost 50 percent. Before this ill-fated decision by PTI, the price of sugar was around Rs.54, following the move to export, we saw the price jump to Rs.71.

Since then, inflation has only caused the price of sugar and other staples to rise even further. Pakistan Sugar Mills Association claims that there is a surplus of two million metric tonnes of sugar in the country this year, out of which half the government is looking to green light for export. Sugar millers argue that recent inflationary trend has resulted in the cost of sugar production. But simple, demand and supply economics indicate that if supply trumps demand, prices should decrease.

Here, the government is providing millers with additional demand to sell their stocks at high prices in the international market while the rates remain as high as ever at home. This indicates poor policy making on the part of the economic experts in government.

At this point, our efforts should be geared towards controlling the unstoppable rise in prices. If millers were to sell excess sugar in the domestic market, we might have seen a drop in rates. But once again, a sitting government looks to have prioritized the profits of wealthy millers instead of the average consumer.



No joy for Joyland

Art is the best expression to depict all the prevalent social problems of the society. This helps in identifying and solving the problems. Same thing, the movie Joyland is doing as it narrates the story of a transgender person.

However, it is the irony of fate that the movie won Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival and Queer Palm Award. In addition to this, the movie was finalized from Pakistan for Oscar nominations. But on the contrary, Joyland movie, without being watched has received a backlash from the quarters of the country and subsequently, the very Censor Board which earlier had issued NOC to the film, withdrew it and declared the film uncertified.

If the film had any ‘Objectionable material’ then why at the first place, the provincial and the federal censors boards declared the film to be fit for screening.

We have become a nation where having social issues does not bother us more than talking about them. To cap this up, it is the welcome step that PM Shehbaz Sharif has set up a Committee to review the ban and this practice of clipping the wings of freedom must end here as it is a big hindrance in the way of becoming a progressive nation.



Strong army: Safe Pakistan

Thanks to the success of the Army in the war against terrorism with the help of the Pakistani nation, Pakistan today has a safe environment for foreign investment and the tourism sector of Pakistan has also been strengthened.

Two Special Security Divisions of the Pakistan Army are responsible for the security of all CPEC projects and the Chinese nationals serving on CPEC development projects in Pakistan. The Chinese President also appreciated the services of the Pakistan Army in this regard and described efforts of the Pakistan Army under the leadership of General Bajwa as key for CPEC.

The Pakistan Army routinely assisted the civilian authorities in providing effective security in critical situations. Successful holding of OIC sessions, PSL, KPL, resumption of international cricket etc helped in alleviating global security concerns in Pakistan.

Empowered in Aid of Civilians during Census 2017, elections of Newly Merged Districts, 2019 GB elections, 2020 Azad Kashmir Elections, 2021 & 2022 Local Body Elections (KP, Balochistan) and several by-elections. Hard work, dedication and professionalism speak volumes.

The efforts of Pakistan Army are hidden from the public eye but this is the time to highlight their sacrifices. All the work done by Pakistan Army is for the better future of the country and the nation. It is easy to mislead people by targeting officers and men who not only work quietly for the betterment of the country but also sacrifice their precious lives to cover up political failures, but the reality is different. A strong army is the guarantee of a safe Pakistan.




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