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Pak Army recruitment policy

In United India, under British Raj, Muslims were living a miserable life. All facilities and resources were available to Hindus. The main objective of creation of Pakistan was to establish a free Islamic society having its own identity and government, practicing its own social principles and religion. Among many other objectives main purpose behind creation of Pakistan was also to provide justice and equal opportunities to all in their own country.

Unfortunately, even after more than seven decades of independence, Pakistan has failed to provide justice, equity and supremacy of merit to its nationals. People with strong references easily get jobs while others remain unemployed. Strong mafias exist in government departments and they recruit their own people or people who have strong references. It is hardly difficult or one could say is near impossible to get a government job through fair means.

On the other hand the recruitment system of Pakistan Army is quite transparent and only capable people can join it. After doing my inter like many other youngsters it was my ambition to join Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer but, unfortunately, my dream could not come true only because of strict merit policy. It is my firm belief that the recruitment system of Pak Army is fully transparent where only capable people can join it. Favouritism and referencing don’t work in the Pak Army’s recruitment system which is, otherwise, absolutely essential in our civilian recruitments.

Dear readers, We need the same recruitment system in our civilian and corporate sectors where supremacy of merit needs to be ensured. To ensure the merit and provide justice to all without discrimination is a big challenge for Pakistani Government. People are still waiting for real change.



Clashes at KU

I would like to draw the attention (of the concerned authorities) towards a recent case that happened at the University of Karachi. The case is about a clash between the student wings of political parties. Such clashes have been a part of this university’s history from for a very long time and are well-handled by the security guards of the university. They maintained their security levels high and usually ended such clashes before they could even start.

But recently there have been an increase in such clashes among the student wings of political parties that lead to the incident occurred on the 11th of October, which severely affected the neutral students who had no links with such parties and were badly injured. Some people having their faces covered with masks entered the University and attacked the students with rods and chains that caused severe injuries.

As a female student I think it is a serious matter as it raises a question towards the security of Karachi University. In the last couple of months, a case of bomb blast had been reported at the Confucius Institute of Karachi University, after which the management of Karachi University increased their security for which I’m really grateful but after some time that security started losing its strictness.

This recent incident is a matter of deep concern for us – female students – that how did they entered? the University premises and carried those weapons, and caused destruction, which made some students the victims of their destruction, if those students were harmed, then we can become their next victim too. I request the management to tighten their security even more so that they can prevent such incidents from happening, because if we are harmed then who will be responsible?



University politics

Undoubtedly, educational institutions are supposed to provide an environment of political nurturing and awareness to students in the form of student unions. Student unions in educational institutions evince themselves as a guardian for looking after the vital academic, cultural and political interests of students.

As a student of the University of Punjab, one of the most outlined national educational institutions, it is routine work for me to see an atmosphere of bellicosity and quarrels among students of different ethnic and religious unions. Most of the students coming to PU from far-flung areas to quench their thirst for education are being constantly exposed to this environment of tribulation.

Furthermore, there are certain factions of students who are the regular victims of this scuffle. It is actually a usual thing that there comes a respite for some days in these activities and after that, some tussle of students repeats itself. These kinds of political activities are causing a negative development toward national integration. It is now obliged to all the concerned authorities to debug the usual tension on campus to ensure a conflict-free, peaceful and educational environment in university.



Spreading awareness


Climate change has become a global threat. Robert Kaplan warns in his book “The Coming Anarchy” about the threats like climate change. The global climate crisis poses several threats to the wellbeing and prosperity of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan has been facing the disastrous impact of this deep-rooted phenomenon. However, recent floods have damaged the socio-political structure of the country. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to mitigate its disastrous impacts.

In this regard, the government should shift toward renewable energy sources. Similarly, it should try to invent new instrument machining for the solution to this threat. Most importantly, our disaster management should shift its culture from reaction to prevention of climate change. So, a wide campaign of afforestation should be launched by the government in every city and village. All these steps are necessary to mitigate the dangers of climate change. The sooner we realize the better it would be.



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