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PM absolutely right

My response to PM Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif’s comment on US President Joe Biden’s recent drastic statement against Pakistan: “nuclear weapons without any cohesion make Pakistan one of the most dangerous places in the world”. r. Prime Minister, you are absolutely right. Even the US knows full well that Pakistan’s nuclear assets have the best safeguards which are completely in consonance with the IAEA safety prerequisites. In decades, the US never felt the urge to berate Pakistan’s nuclear program so vehemently. The question that therefore arises is, what is it that all of a sudden compelled the US President to make such a drastic statement about Pakistan’s nuclear assets? This, by no means, is the right way in which to approach such a serious issue. I sincerely hope the US Administration appreciates the sensitivity of this grave issue.



Who is responsible?

The heart-wrenching exposure of rotten bodies at Nishtar Hospital Multan has made every soul burst into tears. This sort of inhumane behaviour of the alleged offenders of the hospital was not expected at all from those who are obliged to save the lives of mankind. An irrevocable act of treating human bodies in such commendable manner is impossible to compensate for. To put it in another context, this disclosure of rotten bodies has sparked a controversial flame in all segments of society, entangling everyone in the confusion in regard to the real responsibility of this tragedy.

As far as hospital officials are concerned, they are seemingly outlining the Police for the whole mess stating that Police authorities are responsible for funerals and burials of such bodies. Contrary to it, CPO Multan has claimed that concerned hospitals are supposed to fix the matters of abandoned bodies. It is worth noting that dozens of rotten corpses were dumped on the rooftops for being distorted by sculptures and not a single person came to know for several days. In a nutshell, probing the whole situation vividly should be the foremost priority of government officials.



Farmlands in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was known as the breadbasket of Africa until 2000 exporting wheat, tobacco, and corn to the wider world especially to other Africa nations. However today Zimbabwe is a net importer of foodstuffs from Western World. Many farm owners and farm workers have been killed during violent takeovers. Land reform has had a serious negative effect on Zimbabwe’s economy and heavily contributed to its collapse in the 2000s.The heartless and corrupt ZANU-PF took all the farms from whites now they failed to maintain it. Due to insufficient knowledge around how to use technology to improve farming, high levels of unemployment, and low levels of interest in farming. It is highly traumatic and hard to understand that Zimbabwe is endowed with rich fertile soils yet Zimbabweans are leaving their country in record numbers in search of food among other economic reasons going to neighbouring countries such as Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. The onus is now on the neighbouring countries to advise, rebuke and warn the Zimbabwean president that a collapsed Zimbabwe will have contagion effects on South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia.


What is our agenda?

Sindh province suffers from an apocalyptic deluge followed by Balochistan and south Punjab which has caused a myriad of deaths, and crumbled down thousands and hundreds of houses along with the only assets of the poor class of society including the dowry of unmarried girls belonging to ignorant societies where dowry is a demand for marrying girls to be fulfilled. Karachi, the city of largest seaports of Pakistan faces vigilantism, sect conflicts and its rising crime rate remains at the top. Balochistan, as always remains undeveloped with its historical insurgency and still smoulders with the issue of missing persons, daily protests of Baloch students for their educational rights and the scarcity of basic health facilities etc. The resurgence of militants attacking the school vans in Gilgit-Baltistan leading to massive protests in KP is another threat to the security of the state. Who is responsible for this game of dominoes which sees no permanent solution? What is our agenda? What are we heading towards? No matter how worse the conditions go, our euphemistically called ‘leaders’ are either busy in sending their political rivals to trials and jail or engaged with ‘dharnas’ and show talks to criticize each other and earn votes showing lackadaisical approach towards the grave issues being faced by every citizen other than them.

Our judiciary is also engaged in resolving the unending cases of the ones who repatriate when are a part of the regime and fly abroad when the regime changes. Same is the case of our electronic media which instead of becoming the voice of the downtrodden society is active in highlighting the political issues like trial and bail of Shahbaz Gill, Imran Niazi’s and Maryam Nawaz’s upcoming protests, RanaSanaullah’s threat and complimentary tweets by the opposition etc.



A futile bloodshed

The people of Palestine have been facing continued violence by Israeli military and Jewish settlers for last many decades. Israeli attack has left the Palestine high and dry in general and Palestinian Muslims in utter grave law & order situation. Israel has deprived Muslims of their homes, basic needs, families, relatives and what not. However, the world is censuring the ferocities of Israel taking place in Gaza, Palestine. Apart from this, Israel is constantly working to promote Islamophobia. For instance: Al Aqsa mosque was attacked by Israel.




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