Floods, funding and its fairness | By Nighat Leghari


Floods, funding and its fairness

THE month was July when the flood waters titanic waves roared on the people of many cities swallowing up many lives and devastating their belongings of livelihood.

In the catalogue of Divine calamities, the current floods in Pakistan will be bracketed in the red blood block. The people surrounded with speedy flood waters, were screening.

“The sea is coming to us to drown us, but after a few hours there was no human screenings. It seemed that the Allah Almighty had made his presence of wrath and He has abandoned the living community.

In a state of high horror and panic people came out from their abodes reciting the Quranic Verses.

The Quran reads, “the Allah Almighty sees what you do and the Allah Almighty seizes mankind from above and below on account of their sins and then there is no one to save them from the Allah Almighty (Almonim).

Quran reads, on another verse, “There came to you a light and clear Holy Book from Allah who sent his Apostles with the guidance and Who follow His light will be most successful”.

It seemed that Allah Almighty had made his presence of wrath and He has abandoned. The current destruction of all the living community has written a new chapter in the history of floods.

From the dawn of the human community man is facing the catastrophes which were taken as the Allah Almighty wrath but human society did not conceive any lesson or wisdom.

The modern technologies and advancement in science which gave all the facilities of warning systems in prior but nothing could stop the angry Divine Hand, although the science education and modern technologies have been considered as the promised security and survival but all the efforts got failed.

Tragical enough that our faith has provided with us all the rules and regulation but the man disregarded all these fundamental commands, consequently all the evils came upon us and the man had to be the victim of God’s wrath.

The un-Islamic system of our governments brought all havoc to the people the temptation for politician is the only purpose left to them is to achieve power and prosperity. They are least concerned with the agonies or grievances of the down-trodden people.

Currently while the whole country is in the cruel clutches of floods and are deprived of even eatables the politicians are at war with each other to wrest power from each other overthrowing the poverty of the people. They are involved in their unending disputes.

None of the politicians have donated any kind of help to the flood victims though keeping uncounted assets which they spend on the luxurious and excursion trips abroad.

Only lip service of worry and concerns about the plight of the people is on high peaks from the politicians.

Is any politician in this critical and tragical state of the situation is prepared to share their exchequers in and abroad with the needy people of their country? Praiseworthy are the humanitarian-based organizations and the philanthropists of our own country who are contributing all kinds of help to their countrymen. The foreign funders also deserve the high tributes for the rapid helps in abundance.The most concerned aspect of the situation is that whether this help will come into the hands of honest souls to distribute among the flood victims or will be swallowed up by the dishonest and corrupt govt officers and the politicians.

One word for warning from a saint, “Keep it before your eyes that grave is the final abode of mankind” the massive graves of the massive flood victims are visible before every soul.

—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.

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