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Another surprise for India

The 17 July 2019 was another fateful day for India with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejecting all Indian pleas, which included the annulment of the Pakistan military court decision convicting Kulbhushan Jadhav, securing his release and ordering his return to India. India has been claiming that Jadhav was abducted from Iran, where he was pursuing his business.
However, the Pakistani Government stated that Jadhav was a serving commander in the Indian Navy who was involved in subversive activities inside Pakistan and was arrested on 3 March 2016 during a counter-intelligence operation in Balochistan and still is in the custody of Pakistan. The ICJ decision is an evidence of India’s involvement in subversive acts inside Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan’s army chief has kept mercy petition of the Indian spy pending as a mark of respect to the ICJ which was hearing spy’s case.
Pakistan has always said that there is no way that the two nuclear-armed countries should think of resolving differences through military means. Moreover, Kashmir is the main difference between Pakistan and India and both countries should sit on the negotiating table to resolve that issue peacefully. Now the ball is in the India court. Now it is up to India if it wants more surprises from Pakistan or peaceful neighbourhood.
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Democratic FATA

Historically, Federally Administrated Tribal Areas had been faced all kind of evil acts such as corrosion, terrorism, feudalism, poverty, illiteracy, wars, chaos and anarchy. They had been facing ruthless frontier crime regulation (FCR), Rivage act, and Rahidari and permit system. After these all spoiling events, the government of Pakistan had decided the fate of FATA to merge with the province KP for progress and prosperity of people of the Areas.
Subsequently, the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas have been moving towards pure democracy and getting all kind of opportunities. However, the government of Pakistan had passed 26th constitutional amendment bill to reserve seats for FATA as 12 seats in national assembly and 24 seats in the provincial assembly of KP. Resultantly, these reforms and laws are strengthening the real democracy and providing energy to discipline, political stability, cooperation and integration in the country with just-concluded elections in area area in KP.

Unhygienic chickens’ feed

IT is a general perception in masses that broiler chickens which we take, eat unhygienic feed as their feed is prepared using chickens’ own tripes. Moreover, some people remark that pig’s rotten flesh also mixes with chickens’ feed which is imported from foreign countries that not only makes chickens’ feed unhygienic but forbidden/prohibited (Haram) also.
It is government’s responsibility to address the apprehension of the masses if it is just an apprehension and if it is not then concrete steps should be taken to provide chickens hygienic and legitimate (Halal) feed so that people may eat healthy and legitimate chickens.

Child labour

Child labour means when children are forced to work at a young age, which is the time of their study as well as enjoyment of their phase of innocence. Not all children in Pakistan are lucky to enjoy their childhood. Many of them are forced to work under inhuman conditions where their miseries know no end.
Though there are some laws which ban the child labour, but still the children are being continuously exploited as cheap labour. It is also because the authorities are unable to implement the laws which are meant to protect the children from being engaged as labours. Unfortunately, the actual number of child labours in Pakistan goes unregistered. More than 12.5 million children are involved in child labour and most of them are from the rural areas.
However, the main causes of child labour are many factors: poverty, lack of social security, increasing gap between the rich and poor, lack of food, shelter, healthcare, which make them compel to go for work in the young age. The authorities have failed to provide education which results in children dropping out of their schools and entering labour force.
We can find them easily anywhere like working in garage, industries, factories, tea stalls and restaurants and some other places which is the big loss for the country because they are the future of tomorrow. So this is the government and other organization’s duty to take care of poor children that they must not go for child labour. Some changes must be made for them because they also deserve help and attention, please.

Cheating culture

Cheating is a curse. It kills creative thinking of students. Cheating does not let the hidden talent of students to grow up. Students lag far behind and are unable to facet the challenges of the fast changing world due to this menace. It hurts me immensely to mention that cheating {unfortunately} prevails almost all over the Balochistan province; that’s why students belonging to this resourceful province cannot compete with students of other provinces in any field. I am not blaming other provinces, we, Baloch masses, consider our representatives responsible for this dilapidated state of affairs of education system in Balochistan.
Therefore, it is my humble request to the higher but concerned authorities to tackle this issue seriously head on. As a humble contribution for the cause of education, I suggest that cameras be installed at all examination centres so that no one can dare to do cheating. This step on the part of higher authorities would prompt the students to inculcate the reading-habit in themselves.

Youth need PM’s attention

Disappointment nowadays is a great cause of anxiety amongst the youngsters. It has been prevailing since Mr. Khan has taken over reigns of the land of the pure. The youth who voted for him are floating on the height of frustration, as there are no jobs. Every year thousands and thousands of students graduate from universities but fall in the dark rooms of society where nobody values their talent.
One can gauge the ratio of unemployment from the fact that every other person is jobless and I m the glaring example. This is not just my story but of every other person. My only request to the higher authorities is that somebody convey to Mr. Prime Minister that please have a look on his youth. We need you to be the cause of happiness and end of depression.

Religious bigotry

For the past few weeks, Twitter has been a platform for the self-proclaimed Aashiq-e-Rasool brigade who openly abuse, threaten and challenge government and the institutions. It is an unfortunate phenomenon that people blindly follow the extremist religious leaders. In fact proclaiming to be the lover of holy prophet has become the easiest and fastest way to gain popularity.
The need to scrutinise these religious political leaders is simply out of the question and is even sometimes considered sacrilegious. The never-ending battle between pro and anti Mumtaz Qadri phenomenon is extremely disrupting. My point is one does not need to take sides on every matter. Instead of diving into who was right and who was wrong, let’s just stay law abiding and peaceful people. It would be much better that we use our energies to teach people about Islam and the Last Prophet than to indulge in Twitter fights. Our service to Islam is in doing something productive such as giving awareness or feeding the poor, rather to top Twitter trends.

We have
miles to go

The recent train accident in Pakistan had taken the life of more than 20 people. This unfortunate incident should serve us as a reminder of the many deadly train accidents that have occurred across the world to date. Bizarre as it would seem, on the one hand the world population has been growing like anything with great effort and without difficulty, the life of people falls prey to the accidental circumstances worldwide on other hand.
Despite having great technological advances in hand, the reality and the ground rules are a bit different and far more difficult. I always encourage people and students alike to be safe while travelling in my native areas like Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Korkai, Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Marthandam in Tamil Nadu apart from unfortunately having witnessed a few accidents in my professional areas like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai.
More to the point, an accident comes in any form, be it travel by road or air travel. Precautionary measures will go to greater lengths in the matter of avoiding deadly accidents. By reason of such sad incidents, countries and regimes should take all the possible steps to ensure the optimal safety while travelling.
Maharashtra, India

Death road!

The Karachi-Turbat Highway is considered as “Death Road” as frequent road accidents claim precious life of passengers. As many as six people lost their life and several others sustained injuries when a passenger coach collided with another vehicle in Lasbela district of Balochistan on Tuesday night. Earlier on July 9, at least three people had been killed and 11 others injured when a Karachi-bound passenger coach overturned on Coastal Highway near Kund Malir due to over speeding
Such accidents happen due to careless and reckless driving which is indeed a matter of grave concern. The ratio of road accidents in Balochistan is highly increasing. It is all because of the carelessness of the drivers who should be forbidden. Rules and restrictions need to be strictly implemented to save life of passengers.
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