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of rule of law

When will our rulers prioritize the promotion of Rule of Law? An effective and efficient legal and judicial system is critical to the protection of human rights and maintenance of the rule of law in any society. Given the cost, inordinate delays and other institutional, structural and procedural problems associated with courts in Pakistan, there is a serious need to modernize our courts, both criminal and civil, among others, and also rethink the role of lawyers in the dispensation of justice. The quality of justice should be enhanced through better training of judges, coupled with other key players in the administration of justice, with a special focus on the capacity building of lawyers for good lawyering.
It is biting truth that like the past successive rulers, the present rulers in Pakistan are not bothered to prioritize the promotion of the rule of law and enhancing access to justice in order to meet the aspirations of their citizens for a just, safe and secure society. No one knows that when all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the state itself, will be accountable to just, fair and equitable laws and entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law in this country of ours.

India: Banana republic

India has become a banana republic after the BJP with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of the country came to power in May 2014.
Today, there is no safety for women and even children in the country — rapes and murders are taking place almost every day — violence and terrorism are occurring in every nook and corner of the country and there is no justice for the victims at all.

Still daunting the undaunted

Having received a jaw-breaking response from Pakistan, India has still not out of jingoism. Daunting the undaunted Pakistan is another big mirage India suffers from. It appears India’s Hindutva motives will completely ruin the pseudo largest democracy of the world. Living peacefully with neighbours is something very odd for present regime of India. War, a bete noire for majority of people of subcontinent has become a fire-cracking game for India.
The two nuclear powers must exercise maximum restraint to avoid war but who can control Indian Jingoism? An English maxim reads, “Wise people fear to tread where foolish run in”. Modi has given ‘go ahead’ signal to its forces to attack Pakistan, international media has reported. In such circumstances, the UN and other peace loving countries must come forward and put economic, social and political sanctions on India to isolate her and to stop her from heinous actions of state terrorism against Pakistan and the innocent people of occupied Kashmir.

Water scarcity

Water is an essential part of our life more than just to quench thirst and protect health. It also helps in creating jobs and support economic, social and human development. Many billion of the people in the world are suffering from the crisis of water shortage and out of them many millions belong to Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan is in severe crisis of water looming. This shortfall will be devastating for a country with an agricultur-based economy. Nearly 70% of the population of Pakistan is associated directly or indirectly with agriculture.
It won’t be wrong to say that the ”Pakistan’s water crisis is a tricking bomb”. Experts say that the main reason behind the problem is the population growth and urbanization. Almost 3% annually Pakistan is urbanizing at a very rapid rate which is the highest in the South Asia region. Therefore, Pakistani cities can’t keep up with residents water demand.
The ultimate solution to the issue is building of more and more dams. Recently Government and Supreme Court of Pakistan have collectively started the collection of funds for two dams to be constructed. This is an initial and good step towards the issue circulating. Hope that nation will be able to hear good news about it soon.

Anti-forced conversion bill

Almost every other day we come across the heinous acts of abduction of minor Hindhu girls in Sindh and some parts of South Punjab. Gradual rise in such incidents is extremely startling. These untoward incidents expose the vulnerability of minorities in our country. This is happening under the patronage of so-called Islamic zealots, a group of extremists with myopic and unrealistic understanding of Islam. These people want to damage the religious diversity and social fabric of Sindh.
Increasing incidents of kidnapping, rape and forced conversion has created plethora of insecurities among Hindu minorities nowadays. Exposure of such incidents on mainstream media and social media platforms has furthered the frustration and insecurity amid our Hindu fellow-citizens. In majority of the cases, victims are underage girls, hailed from lower caste, poor Hindu families. Due to fear and insecurity aligned with so many social constraints they couldn’t report the cases. Unfortunately, in many cases, our Police do not even protect them. Therefore, the reported number of forced conversions is far lesser than what actually reality is.
Forced conversion is against the spirit of Islam, unconstitutional and a serious human rights violation. In a true democratic state, protection and safety of minorities lies with the State. Considering the recent circumstances and precarious situation of minorities, State must realize that it is high time now and need of the hour to take a firm stand to eliminate this menace. Our legislators need to pass unanimously an Anti-Forced Conversion Bill without any fear and pressure so that the human rights could be upheld.