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Long wait for gas connection

I am a retired lady teacher and my husband Raja Ashraf is Principal of Islamabad model high school. We are residing in House-1161, Street-5, Sector I-14/4 and my only daughter is disabled since 2000. My husband applied for a gas connection on urgent basis with Registration No 0041710521-dated 14-01-2016. Four years have passed, SNGPL is yet to install gas connection. SNGPL is demanding Rs 500000/- (0.5 million) as development charges. I think there exist no respect for Nation’s builders in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
I request Prime Minister of Pakistan to kindly issue special orders to Managing Director SNGPL, Lahore to provide immediate gas connection to my house.

Converting houses into apartments

With increase in population and hunt for jobs, citizens of the state have started shifting to Karachi. This migration is creating shortage of accommodation. Recently in North Nazimabad Town, a large number of houses are being reconstructed for the purpose of turning them into 3 to 4 floor apartments to cash on this opportunity.
Due to conversion of houses into apartments, new problems will arise along with giving hype to previous ones such as water shortage, parking issue etc. When more people are living in an area that was not designed for such numbers then it puts lot of strain on utilities, parking and other basic facilities. I being a resident of North Nazimabad Town, is facing a lot of issues regarding this new trend of apartments. It would be much better if KDA officials look into this matter and resolve it before it becomes nuisance for others.

Celebrating Eid-ul-Azha

Sacrificing animals such as goats, cows and camels on Eid-ul-Azha is an Islamic festival observed to commemorate the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail (AS). However, over the years, I feel that there are some aspects to this religious holiday that have been completely forgotten.
Many people get rid of the sacrificial animal’s offal by simply leaving them on roadside. Not only does this create an unhealthy environment, it is horrifying to look at. There should be a proper disposal method. The KMC should better look into this issue and take steps to immediately clean all such sites.
I feel that if someone is sacrificing an animal, they should also make arrangements to clean the place and KMC should announce telephone numbers where people can call for help in this regard. A few years ago, authorities had banned setting up cattle markets inside city’s limits as they cause traffic jams, unbearable stench and this creates an unhygienic environment. But every year small cattle markets pop up around the city, it entertain children but at the same time also expose them to disease such as Congo fever.
The main cattle market at Super Highway remains the prime focus for youngsters and has been categorised for expensive buys, while small markets inside the city are far more economical. Eid-ul-Azha is a grand holy festival and is celebrated with high spirits, but we should not forget that Islam is a religion that lays emphasis on utmost care for others. Hence one should make sure that pleasure of someone does not cause distress to others.

What are Makerspaces?

Maker Movement is trending all over the world. It is an idea, which promotes individuals or groups or learning communities to create and market their products. One of the core concepts behind Maker Movement is to highlight those individuals who have potential to invent with minimum resources, which may also benefit society.
To boost the Maker culture in the society, a number of educational institutions are encouraging the idea of establishing Makerspaces including schools and universities. Makerspaces also promote the concept of STEAM education. Makerspaces provide hands on opportunities to prepare students for critical 21st century skills and build their confidence. It also promotes collaboration using high technology to no technology tools. Makerspaces is discovering passion and enhancing that passion to create something out of nothing.
Libraries are playing an active part in Makerspace Movement because, both library and makerspace have a common interest which is to provide opportunities to students, spread knowledge and excite students to gain more of it. With the help of makerspace, librarians can get themselves involved in student development and make student experience better. Some of the potential benefits of makerspaces are: Creates excitement to explore one’s interest, Eliminates fear of failure, Enhances of Confidence by promoting Do it yourself (DIY) attitude, Encourages Collaborative learning, Provides opportunity to work on daily life problems and challenges, Promotes Invention and Entrepreneurial Mindset
Makerspaces have the power to influence and impact student holistic development. Educational makerspace are widely set up and are famous in the sector. Schools and libraries with makerspaces provide students to enhance their skills and develop new talents by providing powerful tools of thinking, prototyping and invention.
Zareen Sehar

PM visit to America

Prime Minister Imran Khan, is due to meet whimsical President Trump hoping to mend the fences and fix the history of the mistrust as to bring back the frozen relations to the normalcy as to deliver each other in their respective positions. It is an open secret that President Trump wants to end the prolonged Afghan conflict, which is almost impossible without Pakistan’s cooperation – a fact earlier not only recognized by America but Russia and China too. However, Pakistan is facing crunch economic crisis that is somehow temporarily managed with IMF given oxygen and in some form of loans from the friendly countries.
Prior to the PM’s visit to America, Pakistan also opened her airspace for India and Jammat-ud-Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed was also arrested that Trump earlier hailed his victory as Pakistan acted under his pressure. There is no second thought to it that significant progress has been made in Taliban and America talks in Doha and terms of the lasting peace agreement are in the final stage. This could have not been possible without Pakistan’s support that brought Taliban on the negotiating table which has made substantive pragmatic progress. Hoping better sense to prevail and Pakistan could garner some much-needed investment and earlier Coalition Military Support Funds.

The scheduled meet between leadership of Pakistan and the US is welcome and quite interesting. I think American President Donald Trump is a people person, always willing to meet the political leaders from across the world and discuss the impending issues. Way to go! Given that the India-Pakistan dialogue has long been put on hold pending their mutual understanding to date, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan should come closer to Trump in order to make the most of the conference.
In fact the West and the East should cooperate on the various fronts to create the long-lasting relationship. In the similar fashion, frequent meets and talks from both the sides will do in the long run. As a matter of fact, the international community and almost all Asian countries have been grappling with so many unresolved issues. Due to the internal conflicts, no concrete steps have been taken to reason them out clearly and properly.
Maharashtra, India

At each other’s throats

Ironically, the world powers have been working for the development of peace and combined progress. They have been making treaties and laws to curb tension and resolve the disputes. On the contrary, the sole superpower, America has been ratcheting up the tension and causing disputes in the international waters as in the Strait of Hormuz.
The Strait of Hormuz has become the bone of contention between the arch-rivals. The US and Iran have been displaying the national power in the waters and giving airs to the war. Consequently, the tension between the mighty US and Iran along with the regional powers have been dismantling the globalisation, modernity and international prosperity.

Need public library

I would like to draw attention of Balochistan government towards absence of a proper Public Library in Gwadar. Though an important town not a single library is found here where one can spare time to read books, magazines and newspapers.
Most of the students are unable to study properly, because of absence of library. Making any nation educated, the role of a proper library is vital. Most of the students face number of difficulties to study at their homes during their exams, as facilities provided in a library cannot be afforded at home. So it is my humble request to concerned authorities to immediately initiate such a project.