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Short of memory

Leadership of former ruling parties particularly two siblings of the political leaders seems to be suffering from short of memory and as such do not remember as to what has been happening in the country over the years and keep clamouring wildly without realizing the facts. For the last some months after PTI came into power and sought Extended Fund Facility from IMF to overcome serious economic crisis, the opposition leaders have been criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan for mortgaging the country with the IMF. They have also been critical of the new federal budget bulldozing which was presented in the National Assembly, debated and passed despite their undue and uncalled for criticism that it was the IMF budget
They have forgotten the bitter facts that ever since December 1958 when Pakistan first sought IMF assistance till now all 22 times, the federal budgets have been discussed and prepared in consultation with international financial institutions. This was not the first that PTI federal government had taken IMF into confidence regarding its budgetary proposals etc. Opposition leaders like the recently inducted into party hierarchy mainly due to her being the daughter of disqualified, convicted and jailed former prime minister, they have criticized PM Imran Khan on his historic visit to the USA taking Army Chief along with him among others.
They are so blind to the fact that the PM‘s visit to the USA was taking place in the backdrop of ongoing peace process for peace and normalcy in war-torn Afghanistan and Pakistan’s civil and military leadership is playing very active and effective role in this regard. To freshen their memory, Army Chiefs have also been accompanying Prime Ministers Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Nawaz Sharif and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on their foreign visits over the years.

A condescending beehive

United Nations came into existence in the corollary of Second World War. The UN Charter pinpoints equality, peace and security to all its members. But the functioning of UN raises a question: Are they truly following their own Charter? The answer lies in the principles of Lateral Pressure theory, which refers to the propensity of institution(s) to expand and exert influence beyond their established boundaries. Today, we observe a double standard by the UN. It can be identified in the light of sanctions imposed on other states, and empowering only the P-5 with veto power.
The P-5, despite having a buck load of nukes is not a danger to the planet. While countries like Iran, North Korea are considered as the axis of evils of this world. The ‘chosen ones’ can veto any decision while others act like a deaf crowd in UN General Assembly. It looks like we are witnessing the ‘Manifest Destiny 2.0’, where only the P-5 is destined with the authority and carte blanch to speak. United Nations was created on the fundamentals of institutional liberalism, highlighting that international organizations can help increase in mutual cooperation among states. But the attitude of ‘Sic Vole, Juber Thus’ i.e. I will, and thus I command by the United Nations created a barrier to follow its own Charter.
How multilateral understandings can take place among states with such malarkey? The prejudice shown by UN towards the P-5 failed to create correlative cognizance among states. This constant tomfoolery of United Nations has resulted in more conflicts rather than making bliss. The whole screenplay seems to be the roadmap of Negarchy, which emphasizes on the maintenance of status quo with the help of power structures that negate others with its influence.
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Use of gutka and mawa

This is to draw the kind attention of concerned authorities towards increasing use of Gutka and Mawa. The consumption of these intoxicants is creating large number of diseases which are vastly dangerous to our health. Gutka, Mawa, Mainpuri, Niswaar and chewables are commonly used in Pakistan.
Oropharyngeal cancer (9.9%) is the second biggest death leading disease after breast cancer (16.1%). According to World Health Organization, the Oropharyngeal cancer rate in Urdu speaking community is (20.4%), Baloch 19.9%, Sindhis 16.8%, Punjabis 11.7% and Pashtuns 9.6%. It is due to the consumption of above mentioned intoxicants. Government notices it just for a short time. After a few days as usual they start selling. It is my request to the government to please take serious action against these destructive things in order to protect our generation from this jeopardy.

Judgmental error

After nail biting cricket world cup final, former and current cricketers have criticized International Cricket Council’s (ICC) boundaries hit-rule. According to their opinion, the trophy should have been shared between the finalists: England and New Zealand. Correspondingly, the controversy had started when umpire Kumar Dharamsena misjudged the over-throw and England was awarded six runs instead of five, when Martin Guptill had thrown from the deep race to the boundary ropes after being deflected of a diving Ben Stokes’ bat.
According to five-time winner of ICC’s Umpire of the year award, Simon Taufel also opined it as a clear mistake from the Sri Lankan Umpire Kumar Dharamsena awarding six runs instead of five to England of the deflected over-throw. To sum up it, umpire Kumar Dharmasena said, “I agree that there was a judgment error when I see it on TV replays. However, we did not have the luxury of TV replays at the ground and I never regret the decision I made.”
Resultantly, one judgmental error had changed scenario of cricket world cup final. In brief, umpires are human beings; they can make a judgmental error in pressure situation. ICC should provide modern technology and review system to umpires.

Should Pakistan recognise Israel?

Many articles, opinions and comments have appeared in different English dailies that maintain that by recognizing Israel Pakistan will secure many benefits, especially in the economic sector. However, they fail to recognize that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, and the only Muslim State with nuclear technology. It has to work along with the Muslim states as per the constitutional provisions. The Principles of Policy mentioned in the Chapter 2 of the 1973 Constitution of the country make it incumbent upon the Pakistani government to strengthen its relations with the Muslim world, and endeavour for global peace.
Besides, the Israeli military is playing a similar role in Gaza and other Palestine’s territories which their Indian counterparts have been playing in the occupied Jammu & Kashmir. Even if Pakistan accepts Israel, it will only face deceptions and betrayals because the Jewish State is closely aligned with India and the United States and is averse to the Muslim community. This could also be obvious from the role of the Netanyahu-led government in conspiracies against our country in the wake of the Pulwama crisis. In this backdrop, Pakistan does not need to recognize Israel. Instead, it should spearhead the Muslim countries and continue to resist the Zionist agenda of crushing the Palestinians and work for their independence.

True character of a nation

A true character of a nation can be judged during its times of crisis. A nation which is balanced, cool and calculated in its approach, overpasses its difficult phase in a more smooth and enduring manner, by learning many good things out of such experience; thus helping it out in strengthening its feet and setting and achieving larger objectives for its country. Whereas, a nation which is temperamental, rash and quick-results oriented, always falters during such crisis, resulting in disappointment and failure for the whole population.
No doubt, currently Pakistani nation is in crisis of various sorts. But, it has to maintain its cool and has to bear all these hardships with a big heart, if it has to achieve prominence in the comity of nations. So, I pray that our nation remains steadfast and never lose sight of patience and endurance in times of crisis, and work really hard for the realization of their cherished dreams.

The noble gesture

Evidently, the great leaders have been working for the global peace, progress and prosperity. They have been looking for the disputes and tension free international society. Correspondingly, the US President, Mr.Donald Trump, has been showing noble gestures for peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute. He has offered his willingness to mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue.
The noble sign should have opened the new door of a series of talks on settlement of the issue of Kashmir, where both the countries – India and Pakistan – have lost thousands of lives and billions of rupees since 1947. The settlement of Kashmir dispute would provide hundreds of opportunities to both nations. Thus, the two should sit on the negotiating table and resolve the issue amicably.

Qadiani missionaries

It is being said that Qadiani missionaries are vigorously working in less privileged areas and propagating their belief and creed these days since the incumbent government has come to power in the country. On the contrary and as per the 1973 Constitution, Ahmdis can neither call themselves Muslim nor can call their worship places as mosque.
It is rumoured that in Tharparkar district, Qadiani missionaries are actively propagating their teachings. They always select such areas where people live their lives below poverty line and desperately need financial as well as medical and educational support and these missionaries provide these facilities.
The government should take note of such activities and refrain Qadiani missionaries from preaching their belief and creed and act as per the 1973 Constitution.