VC wants laparoscopic surgery courses for remote areas’ surgeons


Postgraduate Trainees and junior surgeons from different hospitals of the province attending a two-day workshop on Advanced Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair at Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital, Karachi and DUHS have called for their hands-on training in non-invasive techniques on regular basis.
Appreciative of the initiative taken by Vice Chancellor of Dow University and an accomplished surgeon, Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy for initiating such courses for surgeons serving in remote areas of the province, along with those in comparatively better off areas they were of unanimous opinion that these intervention were to benefit the people in general.
Surgeries through laparoscopic (keyhole) approach not only reduces recovery time that allows earlier return to full activity but also ease healing process and also limit chances of recurrence.
Master trainers of the workshop, arranged by Prof. Foad Ali Moosa, Course Director, and Chairperson DUHS Department of Surgery and his Surgical team, demonstrated their specialized skills by live demonstration of surgeries for repair of inguinal hernias through keyhole technique.
Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeons, Prof. Mumtaz Maher, Chief surgeon at South City Hospital, Karachi and Dr. Khurshid Akhtar from Salford Royal Foundation Hospital, Manchester, U.K comprised the team of master trainers.
Experts addressing the session mentioned that Inguinal Hernia was commonly observed among the masses in all age groups and the surgery for its repair was commonly performed through open approach.
The potential advantages of surgical repair of Inguinal hernia through Laparoscopic approach were cited to include less postoperative discomfort and pain, easier repair of a recurrent hernia, the ability to treat bilateral (both sides) hernias concurrently, improved cosmesis with tiny scars of wounds and decreased incidence of recurrence.
Participants included professionals from both public and private medical institutions of the province including Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana and also some small cities.—APP