Vaccination measures


IT is really heartening to see that the government is taking the vaccination of people against Covid-19 very seriously and coming up with strict measures in order to ensure that nobody remains unvaccinated in the next few months.

Whilst announcing to reduce minimum age for vaccination from eighteen to fifteen years, National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) also declared two-dose vaccination mandatory by the end of September for air travellers as well as for those employed at hotels, restaurants, marriage hall etc., or those visiting these places.

The NCOC really deserves commendation the way it has handled the pandemic on scientific lines.

All the decisions taken at this forum after consultations with the federating units have so far really yielded good results. The unity of any nation is its true strength with which it can surmount any challenge no matter how big it is.

The focus is now on the vaccination of maximum people in order to fully take the country towards normalcy and ensure that livelihoods are not impacted. Experts also believe that that inoculation is the only way out of the crippling pandemic.

Therefore responsibility rests with the public at large to get themselves vaccinated without giving any ears to misinformation being spread about the vaccine especially on the social media platforms.

History is a testimony to the fact that vaccines have always benefitted humanity, and many deadly diseases have ended or been controlled through immunization.

Hence for our own safety and those of others, we need to disregard any hearsay against the vaccine and only rely upon the information given by the NCOC or the health officials.

We will also urge the government to further accelerate the awareness campaign on vaccine and send mobile teams to the rural and far flung areas to ensure one hundred percent vaccination there as well.

The threat will loom until and unless the whole eligible population is vaccinated, and sooner we do it will augur well for our country.

At the same time, the people must continue to observe precautionary measures including use of masks and observance of social distancing.

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