US troops in Afghanistan about turn | By Nighat Leghari 


US troops in Afghanistan about turn 

IN the long run after having killed a large number of infallible people of Afghanistan and a notable number of its own army men the US infernals have closed the doors of “Inferno” at the land of Afghanistan.

Putting a huge number of human bodies and an uncountable number of dollars as fuel on the burners, the managers of the inferno are not liable for any accountability under the pretext of providing peace, prosperity and safeguarding the human rights.

The US has brought havoc to human community, this act of charity was given the name of “New World Order” in a press conference, ex-President George Bush explained, “We want to draw a new “World Order” which will guide the mankind and also introduce an orderly living to human community”.

But in contrast to his commitment one of his own army men General Newman a safety officer of US troops gave a very interesting statement to a newspaper, when the US troops were embarking upon Afghanistan he said, is it not seemingly a mental disorder of a man who as a strategic juggling, orders for such a nuisance that lacs of army men, thousands of food packets, portable toilets and thousands of other things are on move to provide human rights and protect their freedom to an unconcerned and unrelated country.

We are forced to fight with un-cultural, uneducated and untrained warriors who are not our match.

A social analyst Mr Richard reveals that the concept and conduct of Americans towards human community is based on their geographical and psychological background revealing the facts and figures, in 1700 an adventurer named Christopher Columbus discovered America.

A number of colonists pour into this newly discovered land from various countries; these inhabitants were called the “Nation of Hunters”.

European nation always looked down upon these inhabitants which had no identification of their own. In 1783 the Britain recognized Americans as an independent nation.

This geographical and psychological complex gave it a balicastic behaviour and promoted a “Casus-Belli” culture in American nation as the whole. Now to mitigate this complex this nation does everything to make them prominent among other nations.

The second reason is that in 1914 when the US grew from agricultural to industrial state it brought a revolution in the life style of the Americans, now they had got a very luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, to maintain this life style of the people, the mastermind of America planned to confiscate the assets of the other countries.

The plan could come to success only in the poor and underdeveloped countries, then US provided them sophisticated technology to their industrial class and economic help to the poor population.

After this intrigue it strengthened its position in those countries and it tried to locate their natural resources etc.

In this long lived planning US always spoken high about the human rights. Protection of the human rights became a buzzword by the US globally. Ironical enough when this slogan was ringing all over in US and its troops were engaged in a war in Afghanistan and crushing the human rights under their boots.

A Red Crescent doctor Rolan Hugman revealed the horrible episodes of human rights by the US troops. He said, the US army men brought worst violations to the human rights, when the war crushed people of Afghanistan, went to purchase the milk, medicines and other food items for their children with this little leftover money, the shopkeeper refused to accept that money because the US army men made an invisible hole in the Afghani currency and made it demonetized.

He further said that US forces made cannibalic atrocities on the Afghan captives in “Cuba Interrogation Prison” the captives were wearing only an underwear, blindfolded and sitting in the chained cages like animals they told me that they were kicked by the US army men and were given boiling hot water to drink and toilet garbage to eat as food and their Holy Book (Quran) was torn before them etc.

I was on visit to a hospital when US armed forces rushed into it to search a few suspects, the army men opened fire indiscriminately in the hospital and dozens of patients crawling in fear became dead on the floor.

The American “Civil Liberties Union” in its report said, in a bid to be a big brother of the tworld community the American privacy and liberty is on risk.

A good third of US population is facing starvation and other acute social problems when the US army men were being sent to Iraq and Afghan wars in abundance, their children came to the streets chanting the slogans, “Don’t chop our fathers, we are in need of their presence and love, give back peace to human community. May be it was “Divine Order” of about-turn to US forces.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Germany.

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