US celebrates 75 years of Pakistan-US bilateral relations with public illumination

US Pakistan relations

IslamabadThe United States embassy in Islamabad is marking 75 years of bilateral partnership with Pakistan by illuminating the building at One Constitution Avenue in the capital. The illumination started on the evening of January 3rd and will continue through January 11th.

Using innovative technology pioneered by partner organization 3D Illumination, the three-dimensional, moving projection highlights key themes and images of Pakistan-US relations from the past 75 years.

Previously used with famous landmarks such as the Washington Monument and Eiffel tower, this type of projection has rarely been seen before in Pakistan.

US Mission Chargé d’Affaires Andrew Schofer said: “Through 75 years of diplomatic relations, the United States has worked with Pakistan to support energy, agriculture, public health, education, infrastructure, and people-to-people connections. We are proud to use this unique technology to show the Pakistani people the breadth and depth of our longstanding bilateral partnership and look forward to exploring opportunities for future collaboration and partnership, including through the U.S.-Pakistan Green Alliance framework.”

Over the past 75 years, the US and Pakistan have created a relationship based on mutual respect and shared values, building a partnership that has been advantageous to both countries. 

A statement issued by the US embassy in Islamabad said that over the decades, the United States had invested more than $32 billion to improve the lives of the Pakistani people, strengthen our bilateral collaboration, and advance our shared interests. 

It further said that testaments to Washinton’s strong and abiding commitment to Pakistan are the 37,000 Pakistanis who have benefitted from US government-sponsored professional and educational exchanges and the $97 million for flood relief, food security, and disaster preparedness the US provided to Pakistan in 2022.