Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has pleaded with the fans to visit the National Bank Cricket Arena for the second test match between New Zealand and Pakistan.

In a tweet, the governing body of cricket in Pakistan has asked the cricketing aficionados to watch the game inside the stadium as “it develops into an exciting match”.

The appeal comes in the wake of empty seats that once again greeted the players during the first three days of the second test match between the two sides.

PCB ensured drastic measures to try and increase the number of spectators but all efforts seem to have failed. Even free tickets could not entice the natives of Karachi to visit the stadium in person.

The problem, still unsolved, is not new as similar sights were reported during matches against Australia and England.

Pakistan has just not played an attractive form of cricket, which people have gotten used to these days, to attract people to stadiums.

Unhelpful wickets, the rigmarole of getting around the stringent security measures and the damaged infrastructure in getting to the playing arena itself all add to problems for the spectators.

With the upcoming ODIs which are also set to take place in Karachi as well, PCB will be hoping that the fans turn up for the limited-overs Pakistan vs New Zealand contests, unlike the test matches.