Unnecessary rhetoric, pointless tension


There should be an immediate end to fiery speeches against each other both by PTI and parties currently in the government.

This is only furthering political temperature and uncertainty, which will not benefit anybody but only cause harm to country’s interests and its people.

Addressing a public gathering in Islamabad on Saturday, former prime minister Imran Khan once again resorted to oft-repeated rhetoric against his political opponents, accusing them of massive corruption.

Along with this he is also pointing fingers at important state institutions such as judiciary and military.

Separately, the PML-N leaders are holding PTI government responsible for current economic mess.

Addressing a gathering, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said the present government would have provided relief to the people had previous government left something in the reserves.

Question arises how long our political parties will continue to tread this path of confrontation.

This may serve their petty political interests but not the public whose lives have become miserable because of soaring prices of essential commodities.

There is no denying that other countries are also faced with similar challenge yet a country with political stability can better cope with such matters than the ones like us where political uncertainty is always on the rise.

Political stability is a sure recipe for better and prosperous economy but our country needs this the most at this time given wide ranging economic challenge we are facing today.

Better sense must prevail now. Responsibility rests with sitting government and PTI both to bring down political temperature by avoiding hard-hitting speeches against each other.

PTI needs to demonstrate flexibility in its stance. It is only through collective efforts that free, fair and transparent elections can be held, no matter incumbents conduct them in next three months or completion of their tenure.

A new charter of democracy needs to be signed while forgetting bitterness and avoiding useless clash of egos in order to set the country’s direction right.


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