Switching to green energy vision


It is a matter of satisfaction that present government is giving importance to use of solar energy for electricity generation.

For this purpose a Task Force chaired by former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbassi on Saturday decided to switch government buildings to solar energy under Green Energy vision.

Relevant authorities have also been directed to prepare a feasibility report in this regard. Pakistan is blessed with abundance of solar energy potential but this has not been harnessed except for few projects.

For instance, switching country’s Parliament to solar with the cooperation of China and most recently the Presidency are a success stories but it is unfortunate that these were not replicated elsewhere.

Hence, we commend coalition government for thinking on these lines and deciding to convert public sector buildings to solar which definitely will go a long way in bringing down their expenditures.

Once the feasibility is complete, there should not be any delay in execution of this project and all ministries and their attached departments must be given necessary funds to achieve this task at the earliest.

This indeed will trigger a revolution in renewable energy sector, which will also encourage private sector, industries and domestic consumers to follow the same path.

Government recently provided certain tax incentives on solar panels in the budget, this will result in a significant up tick in its adoption by various sectors.

Since prices of grid electricity is going beyond the reach of common man because of soaring prices of petroleum products and gas, switching to solar is a feasible option that can save people from hefty monthly bills after one time investment.

Previous government had also announced a policy under which target of generating thirty percent electricity from various renewable sources was set to be achieved by 2030.

This is very much doable provided an enabling environment is provided to companies for investment in areas such as local manufacturing of equipment such as solar panels.

Their local production definitely will further bring down their prices and make them affordable to people.

Relevant departments will have to focus on exploiting indigenous resources if we really are interested to take the country towards self-reliance.




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