UBG welcomes message of Prime Minister for charter of economy


The country is going through the most difficult economic crisis, the politician should forget their differences and come together to strive hard to pull the country out of economic crisis.

This was stated by the SM Muneer, Zubair Tufail and other UBG leadership while welcoming the message of Prime Minister for holding national dialogue and develop consensus on a charter of economy by all the stake holders to transform Pakistan into economic power by addressing the country’s economic woes.

According to UBG’s central spokesperson Gulzar Feroze UBG further added that politics and business will survive only with the strength of Pakistan.

The current government ever since came into power has been facing high debt, depreciating rupee and worsening inflation situation. The business community give the message of compact economy to all the political forces to manage the economy, the politicians should forget all the differences for the sake of the stability of Pakistan.

The leaders of the United Business Group (UBG) regretted that how long will we continue to depend on foreign aids.

UBG leadership asked the political parties to fix the economy first,l as the common man is longing for bread, inflation is on the rise, the life of the poor has become more and more difficult.

It is, and now is the time that all the political parties of Pakistan should come together in consultation with the leadership of the business community and make a future economic plan, otherwise the problems of the common man will increase instead of reducing, which will make Pakistan the weakest. Our main combined goal is to make Pakistan economically strong, only then there will be politics and business in the country is possible.


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