Two police officers become millioners overnight



Two Karachi police officers became millionaires after millions of rupees were transferred to their bank accounts. According to details, police inspector Aamir Anwar and 15 personnel Ali Raza became millionaires after 100 million and 50 million were transferred to their bank accounts, respectively.

Inspector Aamir Anwar – who is an investigation officer (IO) at Bahadurabad police station – said he was worried after receiving 100 million in his account.

“First, I received a call from the bank that your account has been closed, when I inquired, I was told that my CNIC has expired,” he said, adding that later his ATM card was blocked.The inspector further said that he later contacted National Bank of Pakistan’s (NBP) NED branch and informed about the transferred money. Meanwhile, the police officials said that 15 personnel was present in Larkana and the higher authorities have been informed about the money.


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