Two-day meeting held in Kabul to solve refugees’ problems



The Ministry of Repatriation and Refugees (MoRR) has held a two-day meeting in Kabul in order to solve the problems of refugees.

At the meeting, Khalil-ur-Rehman Haqqani, minister of refugees, said that supporting the rights and privileges of immigrants in accordance with national and international laws is one of the basic duties of this ministry, and they are looking for solutions and help for migrants.

The minister of refugees added that the Islamic Emirate is trying to provide work, education and security conditions for the country’s citizens in order to prevent further migration.

He also called on those who left the country to return to their homeland.

“We work together to solve the problems of immigrants who are inside or who return to the country from abroad,” said Khalil-ur-Rehman.

“For the future of migrants, we need to coordinate in terms of shelter, first aid, education, health and transportation,” he added.

MoRR has signed a one-year memorandum with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide better legal services and accelerate activities for internally and externally displaced people.

According to MoRR, more than one million Afghan migrants have returned to the country in just over a year, and a large number of internally displaced persons have returned to their homes.—Ariana news