TV umpire’s no ball call will not help the game: Steve Bucknor


Bipin Dani

The inaugural ICC Cricket World Cup Super League, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday with the series between England and Ireland will see the TV umpire monitoring the bowler’s front-foot no balls.
The introduction of the third (T,V.) umpire in calling no ball means the bowler will never escape the punishment, according to former ICC Elite Panel umpire Steve Bucknor.
The umpire, however, believes that the ICC should have persisted with the old system.
Speaking exclusively over telephone from New York, where the 74-year-old ex-umpire lives now, said, A No Ball is an unfair delivery. This unfair delivery does not count as a regular delivery of the over”.
Justifying his belief to stick to the old system, he gave below two examples :
The New Condition : TEAM A scored 200/9 in 50 overs. TEAM B, 199/9 in 49,5 overs. One batsman is run out on the final ball of the last over. The TV umpire instructs the field umpire that the ball was NO BALL. Scores even at 200 runs for 10 wickets.
Under the old condition, the field umpire would have called No Ball. The batsman on hearing the call would have no need to run, scores even (200) and the striker would be prepared for the free hit that comes after the no ball.
“A better way of helping the game would be to allow the bowler’s end umpire to continue calling foot fault. The TV umpire will monitor the foot fault and correct any mistake made by the field umpire”, he signed off.


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