Turkish series Kurulus Osman’s actor, his wife tragically die in earthquake as fans pay tribute


Turkish actor Çağdaş Çankaya, who rose to fame with the hit series Kuruluş Osman, and his wife have tragically been declared dead after the catastrophic earthquake which killed thousands of people and forced millions to stay outdoors amid extreme weather.

The heart-wrenching development comes as rescue efforts continue after devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey, and Syria.

The demise of Çağdaş Çankaya and his wife Zilan Tigris, who was a musician by profession, was confirmed by a production company as World Health Organization dubbed the quakes as the worst natural disaster in a century.

“We extend our sincerest condolences to the family and loved ones of Çağdaş Çankaya, his wife, and all those who lost their lives in the earthquake. May they rest in peace and may God have mercy on their souls,” the post shared on Instagram cited.

After the tragic death, fans of the Turkish star remembered him with heartfelt condolences.

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Of late, the Turkish Red Crescent President told an international publication that the relief efforts would continue for nearly 18 months as thousands of buildings were razed in quake-hit regions.

February 6 quakes reportedly affected nearly a dozen cities, which were home to nearly 15 million people, about one-sixth of the country’s population.

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