Clip of birds flying wildly ‘before Turkey’s earthquake’ goes viral


As the scale of destruction from apocalyptic Turkey’s earthquake continued to unfold, a clip garnered the attention of social media users, showing birds moving chaotically, which is said to be moments before the massive earthquake struck Turkey and Syria.

The clip which raked millions of views on Twitter and other social sites, captured moments from the wee hours of Monday, showing a flock of birds flying randomly.

The authenticity of the clip is yet to be verified however the multimedia grabbed eyeballs as social media users claimed that animals and even birds can ‘sense natural calamities’.

As the debate on the matter continues unabated, many users on social media maintained that these bords are sensitive to the electromagnetic field that was produced before such massive quakes.

It was also assumed that such natural disasters cause low-frequency vibrations, which can be traced by felt by animals.

Despite any subtle evidence, scores of netizens quoted anecdotal evidence, claiming the clip to be true.

The earthquake continues to make headlines as the death toll surpassed 5,000. Pakistan and other nations are sending rescue personnel and supplies to quake ht Turkey and Syria.

Pakistan sends humanitarian assistance to earthquake-hit Turkiye