Turkish cos keen to explore new avenues for trade: CG TolgaUcak


Consul General of Turkey TolgaUcak on a visit to KATI said that Turkey and Pakistan has excellent relations and this should be reflected to economic and trade relations. Turkish companies are interested in textile and food items.

Pakistani investors should look for investment opportunities in Turkey, during his address in Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) President Saleem-uz-Zaman, Rashid Siddiqui,Senior Vice President Zaki Ahmed Sharif, Vice President NighatAwan, GulzarFiroz, JoharQandahari, Syed FarukhMazher, Tariq Malik and others were also present.

MrTolgaUcak called for enhancing business-to-business relations between the industrial communities of the two countries.

He said that business has been affected due to Corona, lockdowns, and travel ban for the last two years, but gradually the number of Corona cases is decreasing and the process of vaccination has accelerated. Hopefully, we will get rid of it this year.

The Turkish Consul General further said that the two countries would extend all possible cooperation in enhancing contacts especially investors in textile, food, and other sectors.

He mentioned that he has an old relationship with KATI and is happy to visit for the fifth time.

Noting the importance of KATI, Consul General said that KATI’s industrialists and exporters are a great force and Turkey wants to make full use of them.

He said that Turkey has developed rapidly in a short span of time and as a fraternal country wants Pakistani investors to benefit from the world’s 13th largest economy in terms of GDP.

Turkey has set up industrial zones for Pakistani investors where the government offers numerous facilities.

Earlier, KATI President Saleem-uz-Zaman welcomed the Turkish Consul General to KATI. He said that Turkey and Pakistan have a rich history of fraternal relations.

Saleem-uz-Zaman said that Pakistan has a conducive environment for investment and there are ample opportunities for Turkish investors.

He said that KATI is one of the leading industrial areas of Karachi and Turkish investors can easily set up an industry here in which Kati would play its role in providing them all facilities.

There has been innovation in textile and food machinery in Turkey and Pakistani industry could benefit from it.

Pakistan imports machinery from China but it is easy to import machinery from Turkey, he added.


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