Turkish celebrity Chef CZN Burak breaks down in tears as thousands killed in apocalyptic earthquake


Tales of heartbreak surfaced after back-to-back earthquakes kill thousands in Turkey and Syria, leaving people across the globe in tears.

As casualties continue to grow, shocking stories are coming from survivors, who were trapped under rubble as rescuers continue operations on day three. The horrific disaster shows somber moments from Turkey and Syria, and now a clip of Turkish celebrity chief CZN Burak is doing rounds on the internet, showing him crying inconsolably on camera.

Best known for internet sensation – who always delights fans with a big smile on his face – now sobbed inconsolably as he narrated the heart-wrenching ordeal which comes after one of worst earthquakes in the region.

In a video recorded from a mobile phone, the Famous Turkish restaurateur made an emotional plea, urging people to help those affected by the earthquakes. He mentioned that there are still people trapped under the rubble in a bad state.

Before concluding the clip, he said a large number of people are approaching him for help, asking everyone to do everything possible.

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On Wednesday, the death toll in Turkey and Syria climbed to over 11,000 while foreign rescuers arrived in the region to expedite rescue efforts.

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