Trump’s supporters ‘exposed weaknesses of Western democracy’: Rouhani



Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has said that the chaos unleashed on the US Capitol Hill by US counterpart Donald Trump’s supporters “exposed the weaknesses of Western democracy”.
He said this in a speech broadcast by state television on Thursday. “What we saw in the United States yesterday (Wednesday) evening and today, shows above all, how fragile and vulnerable Western democracy is,” Rouhani said.
“We saw that unfortunately, the ground is fertile for populism, despite the advances in science and industry,” he added.
Rouhani said: “A populist has arrived and he has led his country to disaster over these past four years. I hope the whole world and the next occupants of the White House will learn from this.”
The Iranian president said he hoped for a change of direction from the incoming administration of US President-elect Joe Biden.
He urged the new administration “to make up (for the past) and restore the country to a position worthy of the American nation because the American nation is a great nation”.
“May they return to reason, legality, and their obligations. It’s for their benefit and the good of the world,” he said.—AFP

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