Trump warns WW3 could ‘accidentally’ start over Ukraine, Taiwan


Former United States president Donald Trump warned that the ongoing war in Ukraine could accidentally lead to World War III and nuclear escalation, during his appearance on New York billionaire John Catsimatidis’ 77 WABC radio show on late Tuesday.

When asked about matters he is concerned about, Trump said, “more than anything else, I think we can end up in World War III,” Fox News reported.

“All of the horrible things that took place in Ukraine, looks like it’s going to happen in China with Taiwan,” he added.

Catsimatidis noted that some believe that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were still the US president.

The former presidnet responded that he believed President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrated “weakness and incompetence” that further encouraged Putin to attack Ukraine.

He added that the price of oil was much lower during his term, arguing that by raising oil prices, the Biden administration’s climate agenda has assisted in financing Putin’s war.

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