Imran claims ‘audio leak’ damaged Shehbaz

Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan has said that the leaked audio conversation between him and his principal secretary has damaged Shahbaz Sharif’s reputation and not his.

Addressing the public gathering in Muzaffarabad, Imran Khan said that over 100,000 people have sacrificed their lives in the struggle for Kashmir’s independence. He said that he would fight for the Kashmir cause until he is alive.

He added that their government ended all ties with India when Narendra Modi’s government ended Kashmir’s special constitutional status. Trade with India would be beneficial but we did not prefer it over our Kashmiri brothers’ struggle, he added.

Imran Khan thanked Shahbaz Sharif for allegedly leaking his audio conversation with his principal secretary Azam Khan.

The PTI Chief said that Sindh is sub merged in floods while Bilawal Bhutto is touring America. Shehbaz Sharif begged a female journalist for funds, he added.

Ishaq Dar, who was an absconder for five years, has returned to the country and has been appointed the finance minister, he added. If these powerful people are given NRO, then why are the poor people booked? Imran Khan questioned.—INP


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