Tributes paid to Sadpara

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

A condolence ceremony was held at a local hotel in Chitral to pay homage to renowned mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

The event was named after Muhammad Ali Sadpara in which his services in promoting tourism in Pakistan were appreciated by lighting candles in his memory.

This condolence ceremony was jointly organized by Hindukush Explorer and the North Wionders to pay tribute to late Sadpara.

Speakers said that Muhammad Ali Sadpara had come to Chitral a year ago and he was very happy to see the mountains of Chitral as they are very beautiful hills.

He had also climbed the hill near Zara pass. On this occasion, the organizers of the event announced that in June-July this year, a few trainees will be taken to the base camp of Trich Mir where they will be given regular training in mountaineering.

The speakers said that by promoting tourism we can make progress but after 9/11 a few climbers came here who wanted to climb the hill of Trich Mir but our management sent them back without submitting which left a bad impression.

The speakers said that Professor Arnere from Norway had climbed the 25,000 feet high Trich Mir hill in 1950.

At that time no climber had climbed such a high mountain. He was as popular in Norway as Allama Iqbal in Pakistan.

But unfortunately, it did not get the media coverage that caught the attention of climbers around the world.

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