Traffic load on city roads creates mess


Traffic load on city roads particularly Murree Road has become nuisance for the citizens as traffic wardens have failed to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the main artery of the city.

The motorists were going through a mental agony as there was no option except to remain stuck in traffic jam at almost all road of the city including Murree Road, Liaquat Road, College Road, Raja Bazaar, Mareer Hassan, Mall Road and other link roads of the city.

One of the motorists talking to this agency, said encroachment is the main hurdle in smooth flow of traffic, no action was taken against the encroachers, adding which leads to traffic jam, he added.

He demanded the concerned authorities to take action so that traffic problems could be solved.

Meanwhile, the ‘Jumah Bazaar’ of vehicles held at Sixth Road along Murree road also causes massive traffic jam and the traffic congestion was causing inconvenience to both motorists and pedestrians.

There are dozens of showrooms of vehicles on both sides of Murree road. Every Friday, a large number of people gather at the site to buy and sell vehicles. The vehicles on sale are parked on the road that creates troubles for motorists to pass through. Naeem Qurashi a resident, said: “The traffic authorities don’t allow motorists to park their vehicles along Murree Road, but they don’t take any action in this case.” He suggested that there should be a spot outside the city where such kinds of activities should be held.

“This road is already quite congested for the traffic of twin cities and additional activities on this road are creating problems for inhabitants of the city.” he added.

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