Tourism for building economy


THE Importance of tourism is demonstrated throughout the world. It boosts revenue, creates thousands of jobs, develops infrastructure of a country and plants a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and local people.

It is a matter of satisfaction that PM Imran Khan is fully cognizant of benefits that this industry can bring to change the entire economic landscape of the country.

Inaugurating Kohsar University in Murree on Friday, he said tourism can alone help repay country’s debts if the sector is given due attention.

Tourism undoubtedly has become the largest and fastest growing sector in the world and the way it lifts up whole range of sectors all together, one fully agrees with PM Khan that by attracting a large number of tourists especially foreigners, fortunes of the country can be changed for good.

The establishment of Kohsar University is a step in the right direction, as it will also impart education in subjects such as tourism and hospitality management, food sciences, forest studies etc that will produce trained manpower to effectively run tourism sector.

While there is a need to create more such institutions focusing on tourism studies, more tourist spots should also be built that are equipped with all the required facilities.

Countries that rely on tourism for a big percentage of their revenue invest a lot in the infrastructure.

This includes new roads and highways, improved public spaces, developed parks as well as hotels and restaurants besides shopping centres and stores.

Safe and innovative infrastructure allow for a smooth flow of goods and services.

Therefore, we will suggest government to also involve private sector and give them special incentives to develop picturesque areas in such a manner that cater to requirements of the tourists. Tourism potential of Pakistan is rich and diverse.

Apart from religious tourism, it is a treasure trove of adventure, beauty and intrigue that is waiting to be discovered and celebrated to the level it deserves.

With right kind of interventions, the country can indeed emerge as top destination points on world map.

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