Three deaths, 571 new cases in 24 hours Islamabad Covid-19 positivity jumps to 11pc

Zubair Qureshi

Federal capital on Saturday reported a surge in number of Covid-19 cases during the past twenty-four hours, 571, the highest number of cases re-ported in a day in a period of last thirty days.

Three fatalities were also reported during the past one day in Islamabad.
According to the District Health Officer (DHO), Dr Zaeem Zia, 571 cases were reported against 5,121 tests conducted in the last twenty-four hours thus taking the total number of Covid-19 cases in Is-lamabad to 93,339 while two expiries in in the past one day took the toll to 830.

The vaccination drive in the federal capital is also underway on a fast pace and so far more than 55 per cent of the federal capital’s eligible population has been administered vaccine shots, said Dr Zaeem Zia.

Islamabad is ahead of other cities like Karachi, La-hore, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Multan in per cent-age of population administered vaccine shots.

Dr Zaeem Zia said it was a great accomplishment of the health authorities and the people’s readiness to get vaccinated is also contributing to the fast-paced vaccination drive.

He however, expressed concerns there were still many people who have not yet been vaccinated in Islamabad.

“This is quite disappointing and unfair and I would like to remind them [those who have not been ad-ministered vaccine shots] that after vaccination they would develop a strong resistance against the virus.

There are cases that some vaccinated persons tested positive, particularly the health workers, doctors and paramedical staff etc but Covid-19 failed to affect them seriously because they were already vacci-nated, said Dr Zaeem.

For the facilitation of the people, all the vaccination centres of Islamabad remained open even on the Independence Day and the efficient staff of the Dis-trict Health Department remained busy in adminis-tering jabs to the visitors.

On this Independence Day, I have requested the nation to resolve that they would make Pakistan Covid-19 free by getting vaccinated as well as con-vincing those who have not yet received jabs to get vaccine shots as early as possible, said Dr Zaeem.

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