Thieves steal several items from mosque



Our Correspondent

Unknown thieves barged into the historical Dabgeer Mosque of Thatta and took away several things including antique worth lace of rupees here overnight, the pesh Imam said to media men here.

The Babgeer mosque believed to be oldest historical Mosque of Turkhan rule in Thatta was build by Khusro chacus a dook of turkhan period.

The mosque was also said to attacked by Portuguese troops when they attacked Thatta and set the Thatta at ablaze.

The troops looted Thatta and killed several people including saint Syed Mikeen Shah who was pesh Pesh Imam of the mosque. Historians say.

Meanwhile pesh Imam Zubair has baged to higher authorities to trace theives and recover the theft article.

On the other hand the civilised segment of society including, Ramzan Memon ,Mansoor Jalalani,Allah Juryo Burfat and others have expressed their concern over the issue and demanded to arrest the accused involved in this crime.

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