TDC organizes Free Screening Camp at Punjab Oil Mills


TDC under the management of CEO TDC Mr. Tahir Muhammad Abbasi organized a free screening camp. This screening test was held at Punjab Oil Mills, Industrial Triangle Kahuta Road, Islamabad.

It was aimed at educating workers and employees on how to keep themselves and their families safe against diabetes.

The medical specialists delivered very informative messages and speeches to students and urged them not to take light the symptoms of diabetes at any stage. It was emphasized how to fight against diabetes by taking healthy foods.

At this spot, the TDC representatives highlighted TDC’S vision of “better health for a brighter future” as very valuable in every Pakistanis’ life and emphasized that their any pursuit to prevent diabetes would guarantee brighter chances of their healthy Pakistan.

An imperative message for better health as a stepping stone for a brighter future on behalf of CEO TDC was also conveyed. Therefore, peoples’ diabetes-free health is an asset for the country.

TDC is set to secure peoples’ health by ensuring protection against diabetes and its related complications.

A lot of workers, staff and management members were treated in this camp held by TDC at Punjab Oil Mills.

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