Taliban bans use of Pakistani currency in Afghanistan



The Taliban ordered the ban on the use of Pakistani currency, Pakistani Rupees, in Afghanistan, effective from Saturday, October 1.

According to a letter that Khaama Press has obtained, the Taliban Intelligence Agency’s Anti-Money Laundering Branch declared to the Association of Money Exchange Dealers, that the use of Pakistani Rupees in financial transactions in Afghanistan has been “completely banned.”

The letter, which was released on Saturday, October 1, states that all financial transactions, including but not limited to transfers, trade, and currency exchange, are disallowed.

At the Sara-e-Shahzada, money exchange dealers (Sarraafs) are expressly prohibited from conducting transactions totaling more than 500,000 rupees. The Sarrafs will face legal action if more than the specified amount is discovered with them, according to the letter.

The Taliban’s latest move comes at a time when some locals and traders in Afghanistan use Pakistani rupees for everyday spending and food purchases. The use of Pakistani rupees is preferred in provinces adjacent to Pakistan over the Afghan currency, Afghani, as they may face a 10% loss in converting the rupee to Afghani.—Khaama Press News Agency


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