Women march in protest against education Center explosion



Women marched in protest against the Kaaj tragedy in Bamyan province in central Afghanistan after similar demonstrations in Kabul and Herat provinces.

The demonstrator women said that no one is safe in a place where “suicides and explosions” are mentioned with pride. They cite Kaaj’s attack as an egregious example of the genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan.

A resolution stating that the Kaaj attack was a genocide against the Hazara people was adopted at the Bamyan province women’s march on Sunday, October 2.

According to the resolution of Bamyan women, the mass killing in Kaaj is an “egregious case of the atrocities and genocide committed against the Hazara people and is a continuation of a long string of prior terrorist attacks.”

The perpetrators of the genocide, according to Bamyan women, always claim responsibility from an unnamed location and misleadingly and mysteriously.—Khaama News Press Agency


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