Taliban arrest fighters who removed Pakistan flag from aid truck


KABUL – Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid announced that fighters who had removed a Pakistani flag from a truck reached Afghanistan carrying humanitarian assistance from Pakistan.

Reports said that Mujahid has issued an apology over the action of the Taliban fighter. He further said that the whole cabinet is saddened over the incident.

He said that the accused will be awarded punishment by the Taliban court.

A viral video shows a group of Afghan Taliban, who wearing civil clothes and carrying guns, insulting the Pakistani national flag.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in mid-August and Pakistan was among the countries which are urging the world to send humanitarian aid to the war-torn country in order to avoid any civil war.

On Sunday, 17 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, sent by Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum (PACF), on behalf of the Pakistan government, crossed into Afghanistan.

Briefing media at Pak-Afghan border Torkham, PACF chairman Habibullah Khan Khattak, said “Afghans are our Muslim brothers and neighbors and we have centuries old relations with them.”

He said that the 40 years long war in Afghanistan ruined the economy, agriculture and administrative infrastructure of the country and the sudden withdrawal of international aid agencies put the entire population at risk.

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