Sunny on the other side . . !


They’re frowning down below! Laughed the clouds as they stared back at the jovial sun, who was trying his best to make them hot, but then clouds don’t become hot do they, I mean, have you ever heard of hot clouds? Fluffy clouds maybe! Flurry fluffballs maybe, but hot clouds?

And these clouds were sure fluffy and huggable as they laughed at the sun, then looked at me staring at them through the plane window.

“Who’s frowning down below?” I asked and the sun and the clouds as if involved in one big conspiracy laughed at me, “Weren’t you?” they asked in chorus.

“Me?” I asked. “Just a while back, before your plane climbed out of us clouds, when you looked at our underbellies, weren’t you frowning?” said a little cloud brushing past my window.

“Well, yes!” I admitted, “It was so dark and dismal looking up at you guys, it made me feel low! But I couldn’t help it, you guys look pretty gloomy down below.

“As glum as your shadow looks on the ground Mr Handsome!” thundered a huge cloud and I smiled even as the airhostess walking past smiled at me, “Talking to the clouds?” she asked.

“How did you guess?” I asked. “We talk to them all the time,” she said, “Look around. Is there anyone with a serious face?”

I looked around and saw them smiling and chatting with the passengers, “Looks like you don’t have a care in the world,” I admitted, “You all appear so happy!” “Those cheerful clouds inspire us!” said another pretty airhostess.

“But I saw you all smiling even as you got into the aircraft!” I said, “And it was dismal and gloomy down there!”

“That’s because they know that on the other side of us, we are laughing at the sun!” said a rather impertinent cloud, who I could have sworn winked at the airhostess, who I’m sure winked back.

The airhostesses went by and I heard passengers chuckling as the pilot made his rather jovial announcements. I gathered even he’d been talking to the clouds and was in high spirits.

“But I’m sure it isn’t as easy as the airhostess said!” I whispered to a light cloud outside my window, “How can I be happy on the ground looking at your distressing and melancholic underbellies?” “Do you always look at the shoes of someone who comes to see you?” asked the cloud, “Or do you look up at a beautiful dress or a pretty face?”
“I look up!” I said.

“Do just that, when you are down in the dumps, search for the other side of us!” I watched the clouds laughing at the jolly sun as he light heartedly tried to make them hot, but then have you ever heard of hot clouds?

And I laughed out loud and the airplane full of passengers laughed along with me, even as we landed to a dark but cheery, solemn but merry world below! Even the darkest cloud I realized was sunny on the other side..!

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