Sugar and flour prices continue skyrocketing


OBSERVER REPORTER IS LAMABAD Amid the tal l cl aims to tackle the mafias behind the sugar and flour crises , ther e is nothing on ground for the people to s ee as the government has neither been able to ensure sufficient supply nor control the prices. Like other parts of the country, the peopl e are facing a tsunami of food infl ation in Kar achi wher e they are paying Rs95 for one kilogramme of sugar. Simil arly, the flour price has shot up to Rs70 per kilogramme. Thi s s i tuation has forced people to say that there is no one to check the trend despite the fact that the pri ces of these two bas ic dai ly-us e items are on the rise continuously. Similarly, the Buzdar government has fai led mis erably in checking the price hike in Punjab. That’s why one ki logramme of sugar is avai lable for Rs95 to Rs100 in Lahore.