Students protest against IBA party, university takes notice



The issue regarding a dance party transgressing community standards held at Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi main campus a few days ago has intensified.

Besides IBA teachers and alumni, students of University of Karachi have also come forward against the event seen as promoting alien culture in a conservative nation.

The IBA Spokesperson Ayesha Javed has informed  that the varsity management has already taken notice of the issue and the highlighted case is with the Student Conduct Committee for its consideration and action. A large number of UoK students protested in front of IBA on Monday after a video of a dance party and other objectionable pictures of some students taken on campus went viral on the social media.

The protest was organised by Islami Jamiat-e-Tulba while other student organisations including Imamia Students Organisation (ISO), Peoples Students Association (PSF) and PSA also took part in the protest.On this occasion, the main door of IBA was closed and students of the institution were sent inside. Police and Rangers personnel were deployed inside and outside the IBA to maintain law and order. Addressing the protest, student leaders demanded IBA Director Dr Akbar Zaidi to take serious note of the matter himself.

The student leaders said that immediate steps should be taken to stop events which caused to spread obscenity in the institute and to hold an inquiry into the matter.

The students blamed the IBA administration for the events and chanted slogans against it. On the other hand, Karachi University Teachers Association has also issued a statement on matter and demanded an immediate inquiry into the matter.

The Express Tribune tried to contact spokesperson to find out the official position regarding the protest against the IBA administration.

However, the spokesperson did not receive the call.The spokesperson has yet to reply to the questions sent on WhatsApp regarding how the event was held in presence of security and how its logistics were brought inside the campus.

However, she said in a text message that “the administration is aware of the video circulating online and has referred the matter to the Student Conduct Committee for investigation.” It is expected that the committee will bring out the findings regarding the event by this week which will be processed under IBA rules.

In addition, in an e-mail sent on Monday, a faculty member addressed the IBA director and said, “Please take serious notice of the matter. The accident did not happen overnight but is a logical consequence of your attention to policies.”

Another faculty member said in his mail that many seniors have already warned about uncontrolled freedom given to students and the issue was also discussed with the executive director and management. However, matters were not taken seriously.


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