SSWMB Secretary for setting up 3 new garbage transfer sites


Irfan Aligi

Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) Secretary has directed the SSWMB officials and managers to take immediate steps for the establishment of at least three new garbage transfer sites (GTS). The Secretary also directed them to engage the Chinese company to also cover from the GTS Net.
This was revealed in a meeting the SSWMB secretary Roshan Ali Shaikh had chaired. The meeting informed the Secretary that a minimum of 13, 000 tons of garbage is being lifted from nook and cranny of the city’s areas that fall under the jurisdiction of the SSWMB. The lifted garage is transferred to two GTSs.
The Secretary directed the SSWMB officials that they should ensure isolation of toxic waste from that normal house litter and should carve out contingency plan for setting up separate incinerators.
He further directed them to prepare a feasibility report and submit the same to him. The Secretary Shaikh was confident that with these measures the pollution in the port city would be greatly curbed and controlled and the people would find a better city soon to live here.
He also urged upon speedy mechanism for the awareness among the masses that they should dump their domestic litter and garbage in dustbins.
The meeting was attended by SSWMB Managing Director Asif Ikram, Nadir Khan and other officials.