Spoilers active in Afghanistan


AS was anticipated, the spoilers have become active to sabo tage the historic understanding reached between the US and the Taliban almost a week ago. Regardless of the deal, nothing has much changed on the ground as the violence continues to take a heavy toll on innocent Afghans. In the latest despicable incident, unknown assailants attacked a ceremony in the Afghan capital Kabul on Friday where a top Afghan political leader Abdullah Abdullah was present but escaped unharmed. At least 27 people were killed and 29 others wounded in the incident. It is the first big attack on the capital since a troop withdrawal agreement was signed between the US and Taliban. The road ahead indeed is not an easy one and it is the test of the parties concerned as to how they proceed forward to foil the designs of these anti-peace elements. Taliban have categorically denied any connection with the attack. It is up to Afghans as well as the US to identify these elements and bring them to justice. There are elements inside Afghanistan which pose threat to both Pakistan and Afghanistan and our authorities concerned have time and again drawn the attention of the Afghan leadership towards this end. However, the regrettable part is that instead of taking action against them, the Afghan leadership has always resorted to accusations against Pakistan. This very attack has come in the wake of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s statement that Pakistan does not want any Indian role in the security of Afghanistan. India has used the land of Afghans as a proxy against Pakistan and it will make all-out efforts not to abdicate this ground. The best response to such enemies of peace and thwart their evil designs will be that the Afghan leadership and the Taliban show openheartedness and enter into the intra-Afghan dialogue as per the agreed timeline. Any such incident should not be allowed to derail the process. The US and other countries must use their influence so that the peace process moves ahead smoothly and does not face any stumbling block.

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