Spiritual healer Eliyantha White thanks Malinga for “remembering him”


Bipin Dani

Eliyantha White, the spiritual healer has thanked Lasith Malinga for remembering him during the ODI farewell speech at the end of the first ODI against Bangladesh on July 26.
Making a 20-minute long farewell speech Malinga had said that when he had suffered a serious injury a few years ago, Rajapaksa had introduced him to Dr. Eliyantha White who helped him recover.
Malinga had also said that if not for Rajapaksa and Dr. Eliyantha White he would not have been able to continue playing the game.
Speaking exclusively over telephone from Colombo, Dr. Eliyantha White said, “I feel very grateful and appreciative towards Malinga for his statement and gratitude he expressed. His words were very thoughtful, humble, appreciative and shows humility. In today’s climate such characteristics are extremely hard to come by, and, a man of such stature, to take time to thank every single person in his journey to become the man he is today is held in very high regards in my heart”.
“There are some people who tend to forget the help one provides over time. However, Malinga kept this close to his heart and mind for 11 years and expressed it to the world with a constant appreciation of the reminder of the excruciating pain he was liberated from”.
Recalling about Malinga’s injury, Dr. White said, “the injury Malinga suffered in 2008 was a result of his knee cap wearing off. I cured his knee cap within 5 days, literally giving him a brand new knee cap. A world renowned doctor expressed his views mentioning that such a injury has happened to 3 other sports figures in the world and he is the 4th. Once this professional assessment was given many thought Malinga’s life as a professional cricketer was over”. “I feel extremely grateful towards former president Mahinda Rajapaksa for taking special interest in helping uplift Malinga’s life and spirit and providing me with the opportunity to completely cure him of his suffering. I feel very proud of the person Malinga has become and the joy of cricket he has bestowed upon millions of people around the world”.
Dr. White has treated a vast number of figures from sport to cinema and political heads and most of those who have taken his service is from India.
“I am always open and happy to provide my service to any sportsman/woman in any field or profession who requires it. Lastly, I feel very humble and proud that I from a small island nation as Sri Lanka was able to assist one of our closest and friendly neighbors from the great nation of India”, he signed off.

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