Spike in terrorist acts


DETAINED militants inside a Bannu CTD facility on Sunday took over its compound, held interrogators hostage and demanded safe evacuation to Afghanistan, while in a separate terrorist attack four policemen were martyred in Lakki Marwat.

Terrorists attacked the police station at Bargai village with automatic weapons and hand grenades and fired rockets.

There has been a noticeable increase in the incidents of terrorism and threats to politicians and officials in KP over the last several weeks.

Provincial President of ANP Aimal Wali Khan, Sardar Hussain Babak and others have received threats while house of MPA Faisal Zeb was attacked by terrorists.

According to official estimates, at least 118 terrorist incidents were reported in KP from mid-August till the last week of November alone.

The gravity of the situation can be guaged by the fact that at least 26 policemen, 12 personnel of law enforcing agencies and 17 civilians were killed in terrorist incidents besides injuries to 18 policemen, 10 civilians and 37 personnel of law enforcing agencies.

The demand of the detailed militants at Bannu CTD facility for safe evacuation to Afghanistan leaves no doubt where from these elements get support for their activities.

Pakistan has taken up the issue with the Afghan Government since long but unfortunately expectations in this regard have not materialized even after assumption of power in Kabul by Taliban, who have been issuing verbal statements that they will not allow use of Afghan soil against any other country but are not willing to take practical steps for the purpose.

An Ulema delegation has flown to Kabul to discuss latest standoff at the western border and we hope it would also raise the issue of safe havens in Afghanistan which are used as launching pad for terrorist attacks inside Pakistan.