Speakers urge world to ensure Kashmiris’ self-determination right


In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, leaders and representatives from ruling and opposition parties have demanded of the international community, institutions and organizations to support the Kashmiris’ struggle for the UN-acknowledged right to self-determination.

This was said by speakers while addressing a women and youth conference organized by Raja Najabat Hussain led Jammu and Kashmir Movement for Self-Determination International in Muzaffarabad in collaboration with Azad Kashmir University.

The speakers drew the attention of international organizations and powers to the alarming situation in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and said that despite the passage of a long time, international organizations and powers have failed to fulfill their responsibilities to resolve the Kashmir dispute. They said that the international community and institutions did not play their real role to prevent the serious atrocities committed by India on Kashmiris. In the conference, while paying tribute to the Chairman of the Self-Determination Movement.—INP