Speakers urge to channelize public mobility issues in capital


Speakers in “Dialogue on Urban Mobility in Islamabad” urged for comprehensive urban policy to improved public mobility and services to the people for sustainable development in capital city Islamabad.
Islamabad is now converted in the city of a million people, which are facing the issue of mobility and lack of public transport are severely effect on the socio-economic and environment life of local people, Director General Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Farzana Altaf Shah said while addressing the “Two Days Dialogue on Urban Mobility in Islamabad” organized by Institute of Urbanism (IU) here on Sunday.
While Director Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning CDA Azam Lodhi , Executive Director, Institute of Urbanism (IU) Mome Saleem, Professor, NUST Department of Urban Mobility and Transport, Dr . Kamran Ahmed, Director WWF, Dr Ejaz, Director Margallah Board, Dr. Anees ur Rehman addressed the gathering also. On the Occasion, , Director General Pakistan, PA Farzana Altaf Shah said that short, medium and long term Urbanization planning goals would a way forward to resolve the issues of mobility, health and environment in capital city.
She said “We need to evolve institution for urban planning and go for empirical research to come out the issue of mobility in Islamabad.” She said that proper thousands of the vehicle daily entered in Islamabad from the major arteries of the capital city from nearby areas where official and working and student came, adding that proper strategy need to resolve this issue which created the environmental hazard on capital city. Farzana said that the record unhealthy ambient air in the federal capital was mainly due to unplanned transport and abrupt entry of vehicle in Islamabad at earlier mooring.
“There has been a mammoth increase in the number automobiles entering into the city per day which is up to 3000. The total number of registered vehicles in the federal capital is less in ratio of the cars reaching from different cities and areas to the federal capital,” Farzana said. “We have informed to the Ministry of Interior to declare vehicular monitor to inspect automobiles’ emissions of the federal capital which will help control the situation through system,” she told.

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