Preventive measures to avoid asthma, allergy attacks in winter stressed


Medical expert Sunday advised citizens to take proper diet to reduce the risk of an asthmatic attack and food allergies during winter season as asthmatics need to be very careful about the type of fats they are consuming.
As the mercury drops, General Physician Prof. Dr. Khalid Imran talking to a private news channel advised patients who mostly sufferers with asthmatic attacks in winter to be careful when venturing outdoors, taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of an attack.
Specialist said main reason for spread of asthma and food allergies is lack of awareness for its prevention among public. He said change of weather was the main cause of asthma, food allergies, flu and dry cough, and people should take preventive measures to avoid medical complications.
He regretted that citizens were unaware of the symptoms and causes of allergies and they mistake its symptoms with those of cold, flu, and sinusitis. ‘They are also unaware about the treatment options available for allergic rhinitis and most of the time they rely on self-medication.
Physician said kids and elderly are the worst affected, adding, use of air-conditioning and less water intake aggravates the symptoms.
Moreover, he said people with asthma and allergies are more prone to lung inflammation especially during smoggy days. The presence of toxins in the air can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms, leaving people struggling to breathe.
To avoid this situation limit your time outdoors, but if going out is the only option then pick a personal protective tool such as a face mask, and cover nose and mouth while stepping out. Keep asthma medications prescribed by your doctor handy. He further suggested that the reduced consumption of dairy products and keeping a cleaner home could provide much-needed relief to asthma sufferers during cold season.
He advised parents to keep their children indoors and maintain a warm atmosphere. Proper diagnosis and timely treatment can help in disease management and improved quality of life, he said.—APP

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