Speakers admired services of Allama Iqbal


On the eve of Iqbal Day, Fatima Foundation Sukkur organized a talk to discuss and recall the services of Allama Iqbal which led to the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of Subcontinent here on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Ex Mayor Sukkur Arslan Sheikh said that the meaning of Khudi has been distorted and now it became self worship instead of self-esteem.

The real meaning of Iqbal’s concept of self-esteem was self-reliance and without self-reliance, we could not be able to maintain self-esteem.

A loan-taker could not stand before a loan-giver, he added. He said that it was a fact that without self-reliance, maintaining of self-esteem was quite impossible. We only could enjoy self-esteem by acquiring self-reliance.

Arslan said that the poetry of Iqbal was the poetic translation of Allah’s word and imbibed with knowledge of Holy Qur’an and love to Holy Prophet (PBUH). Allama Iqbal had predicted in 1920 that the Chinese would awake from their long and deep sleep and this prediction became true in 1948 after 28 years, he added.

He lamented that the nation had not transferred the message of Iqbal to its new generation and the results of this carelessness were now before us that the society became intolerant and rigid.

Iqbal’s thoughts could make our thinking universal and create the qualities of tolerance, self-awareness and trust in God among us, so the spreading of Iqbal’s message was the need of the hour, he added.


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