Solution to save Pakistan is ouster of Khan, PTI regime: Ahsan


Staff Reporter


PMLN Secretary General and Former Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said that the only ‘out of box’ solutions to Pakistan’s problems right now is stepping down of Imran Khan and his PTI regime.
In a video statement, Ahsan said Khan is very fond of cricketing term and he very well knows about the term of ‘retired hurt’. After his total failure and inability to deal with Pakistan’s governance, Khan and his government should resign as ‘retired failed’, he said. He should follow in the footsteps of his political cousin Tahir Ul Qadri and should announce his political retirement, he added.
The former Minister said the day Khan resigns, the stock exchange will jump up a thousand points.
“At this crucial time when national cohesion is imperative, Khan has proven his inability to unite the nation because his personality exists only through the prism of division and vengeance. The eyes of Kashmiris are focused on Pakistan while Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s eyes are focused on the reference on Chief Election Commissioner and dumping Opposition leaders into ‘C Class’ jails. You can force whoever you want even in a D Class jail but you cannot silence us from exposing your incompetence and failures”, he said.
Ahsan said due to Khan’s policies the country is not just suffering from depleted investment but now also from national brain drain. He pointed out that during the PMLN tenure Polio was almost eradicated from the country while in just 11 months that milestone has now been pushed miles away. Meanwhile, over a thousand Pakistanis are suffering from Dengue which was eliminated by Shehbaz Sharif’s exemplary work. The hospitals are incapacitated to cater to Dengue patients and victims of the disease are heading to their homes discouraged and disappointed in the healthcare system’s failure.
This he said has happened because Khan and his regime has destroyed the administrative machinery put together by PMLN with day and night of hard work.
The most effective and only way to address and eliminate these diseases, he said, is the elimination of the biggest disease that is Khan and his incompetent regime.
The state of education in the country is in absolute crisis because this regime cut education budget by Rs 22 billion, which has crippled the higher education opportunities for the Pakistani youth, he pointed out.
Ahsan pointed out that the Prime Minister so fond of accountability had the audacity of saying that he must neither be held accountable for any of his actions nor should he be held answerable for the state of National economy before five years. This, he said, comes from a person who did not even give two months to the PMLN government and started his agitation campaign.
Reprimanding Khan on his statement that there has been no corruption scandal in his first year of government, he said, the Rs 100 billion mega corruption of Peshawar Metro has been stamped by the ADB and yet Khan is naive to that. Who earned billions overnight from rupee devaluation? Who rounded up billions from overnight jacking up of medicine prices? Who gained kickbacks from writing off Rs 300 billion in GIDC for their blue-eyed?, he questioned.
Khan can no longer fool the nation with his optics of piousness and photo-ops, he said.
Ahsan paid rich tribute to those martyred on the western border and said that a brave Pakistani from his constituency in Narowal was among those who sacrificed his life for the country.