PM not to use special plane for US visit



Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided once again to adopt austerity measures during his upcoming visit of the United States (US) by avoiding to travel through special plane.
Sources said that PM Khan will use a commercial plane of a private airline during his US visit which would cost $162,000 to the national exchequer. It would be the lowest ever budget in the national history for a premier’s visit to New York.
It may be noted here that the previous visits to the US by the former state heads had spent millions of rupees in term of expenditures, whereas, PM Khan had set an example of austerity by spending only $67,180 on his last visit to the United States (US) over the invitation of President Donald Trump.
The details become an eye-opener for all as the previous visits by the then heads of the state had put a heavy financial burden on the national exchequer.
According to the details, the former president and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari, had paid a six-day official visit to the US in 2009.—INP