‘Solidarity Rally’ held to create harmony among Sindhi, Urdu speaking people


The Sindh United Party (SUP) has organized a “Love and Solidarity Rally” to create harmony among permanent residents of Sindh (Sindhi and Urdu speaking population) here on Sunday. The rally, led by SUP chairman Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah and president Sayed Zain-ul- Abideen Shah, was taken out from City gate to Haider Chowk where it has turned into a big gathering.

Addressing the big crowd of people belonging to Sindhi and Urdu speaking communities, Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah said Pakistan People’s party always spread hatred among Sindhi and Urdu speaking population for the sake of tightening grip over its rule in Sindh. Sindhi and Urdu speaking people living in Sindh were brothers but PPP and MQM always divided them on ethnic basis for gaining power, Shah said.

He said that PPP has set a record of corruption in the last 15 years of its rule in the province and whenever elections are approaching, it wants to win the sympathy of the people by using the Sindh card. Gone are the days when these people used to spread hatred on the basis of language but now people are well aware about their nefarious intentions, Syed Jalal Shah said.

Addressing the gathering, SUP President Syed Zain Shah said that Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto and Balochi languages should be given the status of national language as 15 languages including Sindhi have the status of national language in India. He warned those who create hatred on the basis of race and said that Sindhi and Urdu speaking communities were connected to each other so refrain from dividing them on the basis of language.—APP

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