Slaves and captors



MOST slaves in history became hope less, with a defeated mindset lived until they scummed to the oppression of their captors and died. There are thousands buried right outside each great pyramid in mass graves in Egypt. There are thousand unsung souls of cotton pickers in unknown graves in the US. The inventory is indeed large when we look at the planet where the human race on political, religious and racial alibis indulged in ethnic cleansing. All told the hidden motive for all these killings and oppression has been economic gain. In this day and age the saga lives and there are many destinations on the planet where this grotesque madness continues unabated. Evidently the human race has not evolved onto that level of civilization to settle on terms for peaceful coexistence. As material technology keeps evolving to reach amazing frontiers social technology that enables equity and equality has been deliberately shunned. Social technology in essence represents the efficacy of religions and that has been targeted as an indulgence of fools. This is of course by design because a balanced social order will establish material justice and that will rob the hand full who have enslaved the global population to being bone-poor. What instead should have been is a balanced process of evolution on both counts so that global laws could have been fashioned for acceptance across the board. They are biased to the oppressed and we ironically follow them courtesy our enslaved leadership. Slavery would have come to an end and human values of labour and research would have determined the economic paradigms for global coexistence. This will not happen and wishful thinking is a waste of time. History tells us that the world has given no oppressed any respite until they have fought for it. The Holy Quran also declares ‘If you want something dearly spend towards it from what is most dear to you’. This could in the context well imply ‘life’ for slaves who will scum to the oppression as destiny. Is it not better to die once than die everyday that one exists? With the pandemic in place the thoughts turn to the plight of the Kashmiri people and like them others in the Middle East and elsewhere. The liberated Kashmir government should have by now conscripted an army and like the Vietnamese indulged in guerilla warfare to destroy the occupying mercenaries. Relying on partners of an economic profit center to come to the aid of a resolution is the most absurd desire in this day and age. Unfortunately in the absence of social and material justice on the planet it is foolhardy to spend money on lobbying and advertising for compassion. The taxpayers money should much rather go to raise an army than be spent on diplomatic romanticism. Political ploys that rely and lean on factors of economic considerations will never achieve a social objective. The means to an end are as significant as the end itself. In any event one has to give something to get something and here in Kashmir as is in Palestine the winning is the bedrock for global laws to get invoked for the future. Whilst fighting the COVID-19 will be a challenge in the field of biological warfare to disregard the fundamental rights of the people to exist will be an act of double jeopardy. No government should be found wanting in its duty to liberate its own people irrespective of the costs and doctrines that place money above principles. The current global situation presents a unique opportunity for the enslaved to free themselves of their captors and learn to lean on themselves. They need to serve themselves instead of tyrants. It is labour that determines the supremacy of any captor and that is what the enslaved have provided free all along. When labour is taken away from oppression what remains is a dead oppressor. Wake up the oppressed and let the sun shine on your being now. — The writer is an entrepreneur and author of the book Current Chronicles based in Karachi.

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