SJF to hold conference in Delhi


The SAARC Journalist Forum (SJF) an organization of journalists from SAARC countries, has decided to hold its conference in Delhi in January.

Journalists from the country, including Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Afghanistan, are expected to attend the conference. Almost all the preparations for this conference to be held in January have been finalized, and journalist organizations also sought opinions, said the organization’s International President, Raju Lama. He expressed satisfaction with the preparations and hoped the conference would succeed. The Department of Hindi, Khalsa

College, University of Delhi, has been selected as the joint organizer for this conference.

The status of journalism in SAARC countries and the challenges before it will also be known at this conference. President of India, Anirudh Sudhanshu, said that bringing journalists from SAARC countries together on one platform will mark a new revolution in journalism.

We are not only representing India at this conference but also representing all the journalists who are working in different parts of India. We invite journalists from all over India to join us at the conference and stand in the struggle for the rights of journalists. To counter the day-to-day attacks on journalists and journalism, also demand a law to be made in the interest of journalists. A delegation of journalists from SAARC Journalist Forum India and Bhutan met at a hotel in New Delhi. Rinzin Wangchuk, head of the Bhutanese delegate, and Aniruddha Sudhanshu, president of the India chapter, described the meeting as very important for journalists from both countries. During the meeting, journalism in Bhutan was discussed, and journalists from there were invited to come to India.